The Early Learning Center believes:

  • That a quality early childhood education can greatly enhance future learning successes.
  • That learning to communicate with peers within a structured environment can encourage the development of positive social skills.
  • That respect for God and others can be learned at an early age.
  • That a young child will learn through experience and hands-on activities.
  • That a teacher is a guide.
  • That a child should be guided toward positive decisions and choices.
  • That a child should be individually nurtured.  They should be recognized as an individual, not only as part of a larger group.
  • That our school is a support to the home.  Parents, teachers, and administrators must work together to create a warm, comfortable, academic environment for all children in attendance.
  • That each lesson each day should benefit the child's social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth.
  • That learning should be fun.


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Why Choose Us

  • Experienced Staff
  • Affordable Fees
  • Warm Atmosphere
  • Great Curriculum
  • Family Focused

Hours & Services

Monday thru Friday 6:30am to 6:00pm

  • 1 & Under
  • 2-3 Years
  • 4-5 Years
  • Before & After School
  • Summer Camp

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